24-Port 2.5G Multi-Gig Lite-L3 Smart switch gestito with | NebulaFlex Cloud

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  • Supporto multi-gigabit con combinazioni 2,5G e 10G che offrono flessibilità per implementazioni multi-gig ad alta densità
  • Fino a sei uplink 10G, incluse opzioni in rame e fibra, che forniscono espandibilità e resilienza di rete
  • Il supporto della porta principale fino a 2,5 G rende lo switch una soluzione ideale per i fornitori di servizi Internet ad alta velocità per l'aggiornamento dal tradizionale 1 G/2,5 G per ciascun utente
  • L'ecosistema lNebula offre un'esperienza di rete cloud unificata di gateway cablati, wireless e di sicurezza
  • Funzionalità dello switch L2 gestito in modo intelligente impostato con percorso statico L3

La serie XMG1930 è una famiglia di switch Smart Managed Multi-Gigabit Lite-L3 con 2 modelli, con e senza opzioni PoE. Oltre alle sue ventiquattro porte da 2,5 Gb ad alta densità che fungono da switch di accesso ad alte prestazioni per gli aggiornamenti da reti Gigabit standard, gli switch offrono anche quattro porte multi-gigabit da 10 G per estendere la connessione di rete all'AP WiFi 6/6E o Server 10G, oltre a due porte in fibra 10G aggiuntive per espandibilità e resilienza. Il modello XMG1930-30HP PoE supporta sia PoE+ che PoE++ con un ampio budget di potenza di 700 W, offrendo una grande flessibilità nell'implementazione di punti di accesso wireless WiFi 6/6E e WiFi 7; mentre il modello XMG1930-30 non PoE è ideale per gli ISP ad alta velocità per l'aggiornamento dal tradizionale 1G/2.5G per ciascun utente

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The XMG1930 series is a family of Multi-Gigabit Lite-L3 Smart Managed switches including 2 models, with and without PoE options. The PoE model is designed for connecting WiFi 6/6E and WiFi 7 wireless access points; while the non-PoE model is ideal for high speed Internet Service Providers to upgrade speed offering from traditional 1G to 2.5G for every user.


  • Flexible port combination comes with 24 x 2.5G Multi-Gigabit ports, 4 x 10G Multi-Gigabit ports and 2 x 10G SFP+ ports.


  • Supports Nebula to offer a unified cloud network experience, from wired, wireless to security gateway.


  • Easy onboarding the switch and make real-time configurations anywhere, anytime through Nebula APP.

  • Smart fan design delivers near-silent operation for any working environment.

High-Density Multi-Gigabit NebulaFlex Switches.

The XMG1930 series supports twenty-four IEEE 802.3bz standard ports to run 2.5G on existing wiring infrastructure, protecting your investments while offering up to 2.5 times more bandwidth capacity without the expensive and disruptive cable upgrades. This Series support NebulaFlex, and come with simplicity, useful features and superior performance.

The ideal solution to upgrade your network.  

On top of its high-density 2.5G ports that serve as a top performance access switch to upgrade from standard gigabit network, the XMG1930 Series also offers up to six 10G ports in both copper and fiber options for network resilience and extensibility.


Cover the needs for FTTX applications.  

With the 2.5G speed support on majority ports, XMG1930-30 is ideal for high speed Internet Service Providers to upgrade speed offering from traditional 1G to 2.5G for every user with intuitive port LED to represent different link-speed operation.

Nebula, the intelligent cloud management.  

The XMG1930 Series supports free Nebula cloud management and to enable you to manage network through Nebula platform remotely without additional cost for software or hardware controller. Typical standalone mode is still available for your preference.

Anytime, anywhere with Nebula Mobile App.  

The Nebula App is the best assistant for you to manage network anywhere, anytime. It helps you to onboard your device easily by QR code scan, and glance at the real time network status, configure WiFi network, check network usage, reboot AP/Camera by PoE power recycle, and even block unauthorized devices!


The Nebula ecosystem.  

The support of Zyxel Nebula takes prosumers, small business, and franchises to experience a unified, zero-touch provisioning cloud network from Switch, AP, Security Firewall, to 5G/LTE mobile routers anytime with just a few simple clicks through an intuitive interface or mobile App.

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