18-Port Multi-Gig 2.5G Cloud/Smart Managed PoE++ Switch @180W | with 8 x PoE++(60W)| 2 x 10G SFP+| Rack mount

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  • Boost network speed by 2.5G Multi-Gig and 10G SFP+ combinations for small business.
  • 8 uninterrupted PoE++ (60 W) ports and a sufficient PoE budget of 180 W, deploying
  • PoE devices and IoT devices easily.
  • It’s the perfect solution to seamlessly connect Zyxel WiFi 6/6E and upcoming WiFi 7 APs at lightning-fast 2.5G speeds.
  • Compact and silent design is ideal for any working environment.
  • Nebula cloud management allows easy deployment, real-time configurations and effortless access to all your cloud devices anywhere, anytime
  • Supports Nebula to offer a unified cloud network experience, from wired, wireless to security gateway.


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The Zyxel XMG1915 series is a versatile family of 2.5G Multi-Gig Smart Managed switches, available in three models with and without PoE connectivity. Each Ethernet port on these models supports 2.5G speed, and they are equipped with two 10G SFP+ ports to cater to your business’s increasing need for high network speeds. The XMG1915 series is designed to support NebulaFlex, offering the most affordable Multi-Gig hybrid switch solution for the SB/SMB market.


  • 16-port 2.5G Multi-Gigabit, and 2-port 10G SFP+.

  • 8 PoE ports support 802.3bt PoE++ with a max of 60W per port (180W total budget

  • Slim and fanless design delivers silent operation for any working environment.

  • Supports Nebula to offer a unified cloud network experience, from wired, wireless to security gateway.

  • Easy onboarding the switch and make real-time configurations anywhere, anytime through Nebula App.

  • Configure and manage advanced features through local web interface.

Compact and silent cloud-based 2.5G switch.  

There are 3 models for XMG1915 Series Switches, including 8/16-port 2.5G ports with two 10G SFP+ models, with or without PoE options. This fanless (10E/10EP)/smart fan (18EP) and compact-sized series of switch offering silent operation in any desktop environment. The easy-to-use switch also supports NebulaFlex and comes with a range of useful features for superior performance. 

The perfect match for Multi-Gig WiFi 6/6E and WiFi 7 access points.  

The XMG1915-10EP and XMG1915-18EP switches feature with 8 uninterrupted PoE++ (60 W) ports and a flexible PoE budget of 130 W and 180 W respectively, deploying PoE devices like PTZ cameras, WiFi6/6E APs, and IoT devices easily. They are the perfect solution to seamlessly connect to Zyxel WiFi 6/6E and m upcoming WiFi 7APs at lightning-fast 2.5G speeds, ensuring your network runs smoothly and efficiently.

Benefit from reliable 10 Gigabit Ethernet

The XMG1915 Series provides a cost-effective solution to adding 10G link capability, thanks to its two 10G SFP+ ports, enabling high-speed network connections to servers or other switches.

Nebula, intelligent cloud management.  

NebulaFlex support allows you to easily switch network management modes between standalone and our license-free Nebula cloud management platform. Nebula provides both an intuitive web interface and a mobile app to deliver a streamlined experience for the installation and management of your network, without additional cost for a software or hardware controller.

The Nebula ecosystem.  

Nebula supports a comprehensive range of products. From switches and APs to security firewalls and 5G/LTE mobile routers, Nebula gives you an easy and unified network experience. It’s easy to create a 2.5G cloud network just a few simple clicks through an intuitive interface or mobile App for prosumers, SB and SMB.

Web-managed with advanced features.  

You can configure and manage advanced features like VLAN, QoS, IGMP Snooping, Link Aggregation, IPv6 and DoS prevention in standalone mode through an intuitive built-in web-based browser – this friendly step-by-step wizard helps avoid multiple complicated configuration pages for quick setup with few clicks in a matter of minutes.

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