24-port GbE L3 Access Switch with 6 10G Uplink | NebulaFlex Cloud

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The XGS2220 Series is a family of Layer 3 access Switch that consists of six models, including PoE, Non-PoE and fiber options. In addition to four 10G SFP+ uplink, all of them come with two additional 10G Multi-Gigabit (1G/2.5G/5G/10G) RJ-45 ports for more flexible connectivity. Non-PoE models XGS2220-30 and XGS2220-54 provide 24 or 48 Gigabit desktop ports for every day network access. PoE models XGS2220-30HP, XGS2220-54HP and XGS2220-54FP provide additional power over Ethernet capability and ready for WiFi 6/6E connectivity. The fiber option XGS2220-30F provides 24 SFP port, all serving the purpose to achieve business connectivity based on the flexibility of variety option of media interfaces and make itself an ideal choice for increasing business productivity. This Series is built with smart fan designed to automatically adjust speeds based on the device temperature, offering near silence while the Switch is in operation.
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