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Flexible Subscription for Your Needs

Zyxel Marketplace allows you to buy and renew Zyxel licenses with just a single click. We offer clear status of your service and give you intuitive automatic license activation after your purchase. For more advanced client management features, Circle is a simpler way for our partners to manage and grow their businesses.

Nebula Licenses


Zyxel security service provides flexible options for SMBs, empowering your network with reliable connectivity, and robust security protection against all cyber threats, along with informative analytics and reporting service.

Nebula Control Center (NCC) offers multiple subscription options to meet customers’ needs. Whether you are looking for a complimentary option giving you some peace of mind at no extra cost, more control over your network updates and visibility, or even the most advanced management of cloud networking. 

Security Licenses

We deliver a wide range of licenses to enhance performance and protection to your business. Our licenses services include, but not limited to: security, management and reporting, connectivity and vertical solution licenses. Choose the perfect one that best suit your business needs.

Auto-Renew for ATP/USG FLEX Series

ATP/USG FLEX firewall series auto-renewal ensures that your UTM/Gold pack security license is always up-to-date, providing continuous year-round or month-round protection. You don’t need to worry about any interruptions to your network protection. 

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FS308 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch

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