5G NR outdoor router with PoE

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  • 5G NR with up to 5 Gbps theoretical download rate
  • 6 directional antenna of up to 10 dBi and Standard 802.3af/at PoE
  • Outdoor-friendly design with IP68 outdoor-friendly
  • Support SA/NSA mode and network slicing function
  • Embedded bridge/router mode and Remote management
  • Easy & precise installation
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Product Information
Dimensions255 x 256 x 58 mm
Weight1143 g

Product Description

Be the Pioneer of Pioneers

In this era of everything being remote, digital transformation is deemed as the key to long-term business success and could be seen as a necessary change for all businesses. From moving to digital customer service to operate remotely, current small businesses are driven digitally. To make your businesses more agile and deal with major changes, it's time to get over the traditional form of operations and take your business to the next level.



  • 5G NR with up to 5 Gbps theoretical download rate
  • 6 directional antenna of up to 10 dBi
  • Outdoor-friendly design
  • Support SA/NSA mode and network slicing function
  • Embedded bridge/router mode
  • Easy & precise installation
  • Standard 802.3af/at PoE
  • Remote management

Multifunction Router, Business Supporter

NR7101 can be deployed as part of a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) without extra wire infrastructure. To set 5G as your primary connection or use it as a backup when the primary connection drops. NR7101 also supports bridge mode to connect multiple devices without the performance issues. It is not only a simple network router, but also your multipurpose business partner.

Fast, Like No One Before

Speed is everything in business. Technology progresses at record pace, so companies must do whatever it takes to stay relevant. The theoretical peak download speed of NR7101 can go up to 5 Gbps, which can provide your business an advantage by being faster than others. Take part in it now!

Better Signal, Work Wonders

Six 10 dBi long range directional antennas are built into the NR7101 to provide a focused networking coverage. Experience better, stronger signal strength and enhanced signal quality of 5G network for faster speed. Grab the NR7101, it’s efficient and can work wonders!

Strong Backbone, Stronger Connection

NR7101 has industrial-grade components with outdoor-friendly design making it possible to work in harsh environment conditions where desirable signal strength is difficult to achieve or having weather challenges. 


·     IP68-certified: Dust, dirt, sand and water resistant

·     Withstand hurricane level winds (Level 16, 200 Km/hour)

·     K.21 enhanced-mode lightning protection

·     Adapts to temperature from -40° C to 60°C

Network Slicing, Tailor Your Network

NR7101 is interoperable with both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) deployments. Under SA mode, NR7101 can support network slicing function with tailored network capabilities that are essential to fulfil different business needs, like dealing complex environments with massed wired and wireless networks for separate factory and office connections. Customize network via NR7101 to keep ahead of industry and to ensure success!

Efficient and Precise Installation

NR5101 is designed with smooth, elegant exterior with a discreet, sleek design making it both durable and stylish. Its plug-and-surf capability and intuitive free app combination offers an enjoyable, easy-to-use management experience through either a mobile device or desktop. NR5101 makes your networking life easier and smarter!

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**All specifications are subject to change without notice.