8-port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE+ Switch | 130 Watt Budget 2 Gigabit Combo Ports | NebulaCloud Flex

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  • Offers PoE+ 30-watt (802.3at) to each port with a large PoE budget of 130w.
  • Check real-time status intuitively with the Cloud and PoE LED indicators
  • NebulaFlex Pro allows users to switch between standalone management and intuitive Nebula cloud managed mode with 1-Year Pro Pack service
  • Offers Automated PD recovery to detect and recover failed powered devices automatically with customizable granular parameters.
  • Supports four uplink ports (2 copper and 2 fiber) for core network connection without occupying any PoE ports for powered devices.


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Product Description

Flexible and easy way to manage your switch 

The GS1350 can be used in two modes by utilizing Zyxel's NebulaFlex Pro. You are able to easily change between standalone and our Nebula cloud management platform with 1-YEAR Pro Pack service, anytime, with a few simple clicks. You can easily access advanced features such as VLAN, Quality of Service (QoS), IGMP Snooping, Link Aggregation (LAG) whether you choose intuitive web-based GUI or cloud-based Nebula management platform.


The GS1350 enables cloud manageability with Zyxel's NebulaFlex Pro to protect your investment by having the flexibility to benefit from the cloud in your own time. You can grasp your network device status and perform remote configuration anywhere, anytime.




  • NebulaFlex Pro allows users to switch flexibly between standalone management and Nebula cloud management with 1-Year Pro Pack bundled
  • Standalone: Easy management and setup with web-based GUI
  •  Nebula Cloud: Nebula Cloud allows simple deployment and agile network management without the need to install software or a controller
  • Large power budget



Smart managed switch design inside and out.

The GS1350 Series switch comes new hardware and software to widen the user experience and control, including intuitive features like the One-touch ‘Restore’ button and Cloud / PoE LED indicators on the front panel.

What to benefit from Central management?

The GS1350 series of switches are able to join our intuitive Nebula cloud management bundled with 1-YEAR Pro Pack service. Manage your switch via Nebula Control Center to configure the switch or monitor real-time status anywhere anytime. What's more, you can remotely manage multiple devices, or multiple locations through the intuitive graphical interface without additional hardware and software installed .

Not ready for the cloud… Just yet?

Not ready for the cloud? No problem. The GS1350 series offers traditional standalone mode configuration via it’s intuitive and user-friendly local web based interface, whilst always giving you the flexibility to centrally control via Nebula when you are ready.

Equipped with uplink ports.

Supports copper and fiber uplink ports for core network connection without occupying any PoE

ports for powered devices.    

Intelligent PoE support with large 130w budget.

The GS1350-12HP offers PoE+ 30-watt (802.3at) to each port with a large PoE budget of 130w. The intelligent PoE+ allows delivery of only the actual power required by devices connected to the switch. This approach allows to support more PoE devices on a single switch compared to traditional smart

managed switches, and supports power-hungry like IP cameras and wireless access points.      


Auto powered device recovery

The GS1350 Series features Auto PD Recovery capability and is able to intelligently detect problems and automatically recover from powered device malfunction, which not only reduces truck rolls, but also shortens the recovery time significantly.

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