8 Port Gigabit Webmanaged Switch

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  • Port-based Quality of Service for better voice and video traffic control
  • Intuitive Web management
  • Quality of Service for better traffic control
  • Multicast IGMP snooping v1/v2 and v3 compatible for streaming applications
  • Virtual LAN for enhanced network security


GS1200-8 is suitable for most users and provides an affordable solution with essential features including VLAN, QoS, IGMP snooping v1/v2 and v3 compatible, link aggregation, and port mirroring. Not required any additional software. It's easy, friendly, and more intuitive with its Web GUI which helps configuration tasks be completed in just a few simple clicks. Simplified for small office users network

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Product Description

Zyxel 8-Port Gigabit Web Managed Switch

In this era of everything being remote, digital transformation is deemed as the key to long-term business success and could be seen as a necessary change for all businesses. From moving to digital customer service to operate remotely, current small businesses are driven digitally. To make your businesses more agile and deal with major changes, it's time to get over the traditional form of operations and take your business to the next level.



Zyxel GS1200-8

  • Intuitive Web management
  • IGMP Snooping for optimized traffic delivery
  • VLAN segregation for enhanced network security
  • Enhanced port-based QoS for better traffic control
  • Link Aggregation for increasing throughput performance
  • Fanless, noiseless design

Easy Management With Intutitive GUI

This switch comes with a user-friendly web-based set-up wizard that walks you through setup, configuration and management including configuration backups and firmware upgradees quickly and easily. With a few simple clicks, your network will be humming along, so you can get back to business.

Comprehensive Smart Features

Port mirroring, Jumbo Frame, broadcast storm control, loop detection/prevention. It's a great choice for SMBs who want to enjoy high-speed business network applications!

Compact Housing & Silent Operation

GS1200-8 features a fanless design that ensures noiseless operation and greater reliability over time. The compact, rugged metal housing also provides the possibility of wall mounting.


VLAN (virtual local area network) can be used to separate traffic within a business such as isolating resources between network administrators and general users or between employees and public guest users.


QoS (Quality of service) is the ability to provide different priority to different applications, users, or video/voice/data flows, or to guarantee a certain level of performance to a data flow.

IGMP Snooping

Help to optimize multicast performance and is especially useful for bandwidth-intensive IP multicast applications such as online media streaming and gaming.

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