AX1800 Dual-Band Wireless VDSL2 Router | VDSL-Supervectoring 35b

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  • WiFi 6 AX1800 for superior performance and coverage, compatible with AC and N wireless
  • Supports Mesh via Zyxel MPro Mesh (compliant with EasyMesh standards)
  • NAT, firewall with SPI and DoS for better security
  • Intuitive user interface for an easy-to-manage home network
  • Can be used with all DSL connection types (VDSL/ADSL)

The Zyxel DX3301 delivers high-speed internet connectivity for a seamless multi-streaming user experience. Supporting ADSL/VDSL or Ethernet internet connectivity and WiFi6 (AX1800) Wireless connectivity for your devices, the DX3301 doesn’t compromise on flexibility or speed. The DX3301 features our Easy Mesh fully compliant Zyxel MPro Mesh Solution, allowing you to seamlessly enhance and expand your connectivity to support a whole-home WiFi-connected experience without dead zones.

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Product Information
Dimensions220 x 35 x 153 mm
Weight387 g

Product Description

Give your customers seamless whole home WiFi 6

The Zyxel EX3300-T0 provides high-speed internet access with QoS support to meet the worldwide market demand for triple-play services. With the built-in 2x2 802.11ax WLAN function and Zyxel MPro Mesh® Solutions, the EX3300-T0 provides seamless WiFi experience and superior, feature-rich WiFi connectivity for service providers to deliver high-performance internet access services.




  • WiFi 6 superior performance and coverage
  • EasyMesh standards 
  • Remote management via TR-069/TR-181 i2
  • VoIP SIP protocol with 3-way conference calls
  • Eco-friendly compact design  

WiFi 6 technology for superioer lag-free performance  

 The uplink MU-MIMO, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), high-power amplifier and beamforming technologies empower the DX3301-T0 to deliver premium speed for multi-streaming data access and optimal WiFi experience. 

  Powerful remote management   

Intergrating TR-069 for simplified remote configuration, firmware upgrades, diagnosis with build-in management features. 

Premium MPro Mesh® for wider WiFi coverage

Featuring EasyMesh fully compliant Zyxel MPro Mesh® Solutions, the DX3301-T0 enhances your customers experience by providing self-adapting, easy-to-manage WiFi coverage while reducing your management effort.

  Comprehensive QoS for network efficiency  

Based on your service offerings to customers, you can freely define the QoS policies and prioritize mission-critical traffic for a real multi-play solution to meet the needs.

Multiple SSIDs for various service deployment scenarios  

Multi-SSID divides multiple wireless networks for different user types, you can also have password-protected internal and a public guest network. 


  Eco-friendly compact design for sustainability  

The DX3301-T0 adopts foldable stands with an ultra-thin exterior case to shrink each package volume, which improves pallet utilization by approximately 46% for lower carbon emissions.

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