What is Connect and Protect (CNP)?

Connect and Protect Plus Service (CNP+) from Zyxel has been designed to be a simple yet powerful approach to cybersecurity protection for small businesses. The service is applied to each supported Zyxel Access Point allowing it to protect your devices and users without the need for any additional complex hardware or services. CNP+ filters out unsafe web content and malicious websites to prevent security breaches for both personal or business data.

CNP License includes:

Cybersecurity - Threat Protection

2.5 times more spectrum with the extended 6GHz band with no legacy devices.

Application visibility/bandwidth managment

CNP+ supports application-level network visibility and bandwidth throttling to streamline crucial business operations like mobile POS applications, or time-sensitive applications such as online streaming or voice and video calls.

User Privacy

CNP+ service provides easy-to-understand visual reports of online activities while protecting WiFi user's privacy. Data in the reports are anonymized, so at a glance you can see the types of blocked contents and how often they are blocked.

Easy setup and management with Nebula

Configuring and managing your network and keeping it safe does not have to be difficult. With Nebula cloud networking solution, you can get your WiFi and complete security protection up and running in minutesOur solution leverages from the world's leading network security vendors that constantly protects you businesses.

Sharpen up your network management with Nebula Plus

Nebula Plus unlocks additional features in our free Nebula Cloud Management platform, making it easier for you to keep an eye on your networks and troubleshoot any issues you may experience.

  • Up to 8 admin accounts per organization
  • Automatic Topology View
  • Summary e-mail reports branded with your logo
  • Smart e-mail alerts
  • 7 days of log information stored in the cloud
  • More!

Q & A

Q: What’s included in the Promotional Offer?
3-Year Connect and Protect Plus License, 3-Year Nebula Plus Pack .

Q: What products is this promotion available on? 

Customer must order part number NWA110AX-CNPP or NWA210AXCNPP while supplies last.  Not available on any other part number. 

Q: How do I get my free CNP+ and Nebula Plus licenses?

The licenses will automatically get added to your organizations inventory when you register your AP with an Organization in Nebula Control Center (http://nebula.zyxel.com

Q: When does the promotion end?

APs must be registered and activated in Nebula by 12/31/2023.