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Nebula Cloud

Proporciona control centralizado y visibilidad sobre todos los dispositivos Nebula.

Network Security

Obtén protección contra malware y aplicaciones no autorizadas para empresas.

WiFi 6E

Lleva el WiFi a un espectro completamente nuevo para velocidades más rápidas.


Disfrute de una experiencia superior en la red móvil.


Opciones de licencia flexibles para tus dispositivos Zyxel.
By switching to the Zyxel WiFi 6 APs, we've increased our performance, range and reliability, and reduced our packet loss.
David Canfield
VP and Chief Information Officer Battleship IOWA Museum
As a bank, we love counting our money, and with Zyxel, we were able to realize our goal of getting a quality product without overpaying. We’re especially thankful that it prepared us just in time for the coronavirus. Almost the entire bank’s non-essential workforce was transferred to remote work without breaking a sweat.
Timur Dzhumabaev
Director of Security Department
The change was very obvious as soon as we started using Zyxel’s LTE 4G routers, as the network interruptions immediately stopped interfering with our operations. Even when an internet connection at a branch is down, we can still continue to communicate with them via the LTE connectivity. It’s exactly what we needed.
Neo Kwok Siang
IT Manager, Foodxervices


2022 ChannelPro SMB All-Stars

December 2021

Zyxel Nebula named the best solution for cloud network management of the year 2021, Romania


2021 Best Taiwan Global Brands, Taiwan

December 2021

TMCnet Award, USA

May 2021

Network Computing Awards 2021 | Zyxel, UK

October 2021

Mighty Gadget | Zyxel, UK

October 2021

Dong Knows Tech | Zyxel, USA

October 2021

Italian Channel Awards 2021, Italy

December 2021

Zyxel Networks, Zyxel, Zyxel WiFi 6 AP, Zyxel NWA90AX, Zyxel NWA50AX, 802.11 AX AP, UK


PCM Award, Netherlands

November 2020

Chip | Zyxel, Germany

March 2022

Winmag Pro Award, Netherlands

September 2020

ICSA Labs Award, USA

February 2020

2020 Best Taiwan Global Brands | Zyxel, Taiwan

December 2020

CRN | Zyxel, USA

November 2020

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