Advantages Of Zyxel 5G FWA Solutions

Easy and efficient installation-Zyxel Air

Zyxel Air app provides intuitive user interface for your customers or technicians to freely monitor, configure, and manage the Zyxel FWA device-enabled networks.

Seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure

To secure your investments in 5G NR, our solutions are interoperable with both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) deployments.

Nebula cloud platform

You can combine your connections with your networking equipment within a single networking solution, all with Zyxel Nebula.

Multiple Support Channels

We instantly provide after service and support. We make an all-out effort to optimize user experience along the way including CommunityTutorial videosTECHtalk WebinarsPhone or email. 

Truly Break Free from Cables

With 5G NR now offering theoretical speeds of 5Gbps and real-world speeds that can currently achieve 1Gbps, reliance on cable connectivity can be a thing of the past.

Endless Applications, A Single Solution

Remote connectivity requires remote management. Our new range of Nebula enabled 5G and LTE products allow you to configure and manage anywhere.